#ConsciousCountryGirl Leela Vox on HB2

Hello World: April 1, 2016

Many of you who know me are aware that I come from a background with radio and some television. They are mediums that I enjoyed very much for a time, and I still appreciate the art and creative expression that I experience through media.

Now, I have fallen in love with podcasting, for so many reasons including its accessibility and the wide open space to simply explore thought and expression. My hope is that anything shared here might be a beneficial presence to someone, somewhere, anywhere.  As I mature, I realize that being of service brings more meaning to my life and the lives of those I’m meant to serve.

Here are links to the first two podcasts under the #ConsciousCountryGirl heading.  I hope they bring at least a little something to your day, just as you listening brings something special to mine.

Thanks for reading and listening.  And of course, please share either or both links if you feel inspired to do so.

xo – Leela

LINK #1 – 3/31/16 – My 9 minute, 20 second rant to NC Governor Pat McCrory.

LINK #2 -4/1/16 – My apology for TONE but NOT STANCE. That you go hello



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