Audiophiles Unite!

My top 3 audiogasms for Nov 2015.  ‪#‎PandoraRadio‬‪#‎KCRW‬,  ‪#‎KPCC‬. Once an audiophile, always an audiophile.

I rotate these as my Spirt requires. MUSIC SOOTHS NEWS OF TERRORISM. Local and global listening make me feel CONNECTED to my community. There is a heartbeat that comes from shared listening. A focus. And, when we are lucky, a spark of inspiration to activate social change for the better. I love being inspired by what I hear.

I was once a working broadcaster. I was on the air 9/11/2001. I’ll never forget that day. That sense of facilitating connection for a grieving and shocked community galvanized something for me; a love of the intimacy I experience with an active listening audience… voice to ear… clear… pure… intentional communication… in both directions. Calls from listeners drive the community focus and growth. 

Recent events have inspired a new and unexpected direction for my Life. What I can say now is that life looks nothing like I thought it would, and that my new direction is exciting enough to inspire the effort it will take to succeed, scary enough to make it worthwhile, with a big enough YES to pull me forward.

For those on this journey with me for the LONG HAUL, thank you. This story seems to be a “long and winding road.” I see you too. I’m glad we have each other, as we spin in circles around a ball of fire in the middle of the nothing that holds us all in orbit. Wild. heart emoticon xoxoxo

Right now, it’s ‪#‎GotanProjectRadio‬ on #PandoraRadio for me.


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