44 & Through The Door!

Hey Loves!

So far 44 is amazing.  In the past 7 days since my birthday, I’ve done my first LIVE SHOW in Burbank and gone camping in Joshua Tree for 4 days; my first time camping in the desert alone, but not really alone because I was surrounded by other campers attending #Bhaktifest 2015.  AMAZING!!   I also started a new position at work as a cashier for “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store” and got the video footage from my show, PARADOX.

I’m SO EXCITED about what we were able to capture on 9/9/15 at Theatre Banshee, and look forward to making more clips available as they are ready.  I feel as if I’ve stepped through a magical door I’ve been looking at for years from the other side.  And on THIS side of the door, I’m singing, dancing, and doing my thang as a performance artist. It feels good.

Here is the first video for “Slow Down Groove in C minor,” featuring Steve Postell and Matt Cartsonis on guitar and the Goddesses of Off The Record Cabaret, Sally Sincere and Trixy Lane, dancing to celebrate the feminine.  It was such a fun night. =)  This clip is a little naughty, which was part of the fun.

Thanks to everyone supporting my artistic journey.  I’m so grateful.


Love to all-



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