For Nelson Mandela – by Leela Vox – Thank you for making a difference in my Life

I just heard today, Sunday June 23, 2013, that our beloved Nelson Mandela is in critical condition. I wrote this song for him around 2004 with a dream of sharing it with him personally in Gratitude for his role in my personal transformation.
It was his sharing of Marianne Williamson’s “Our Deepest Fear” quote, that became a turning point for my belief about myself and what I am here to become… the brightest Light I can possibly be… not just for myself, but for my entire human family. And this is true for each of us.
Marianne’s quote had been credited to Nelson on a printout hanging outside the door of Martin Radar, one of my acting teachers at the North Carolina School of the Arts. It changed my Life and I gave him total credit until years later when I realize he was simply paying the message forward.
And this is what we are all here to do. It doesn’t matter from where wisdom originates nearly as much as how it lands and the impact that it makes.
So, thank you Nelson, and thank you Marianne! I Love you both deeply and forever.

Leela Vox

If anyone listening knows Nelson Mandela, will you please play it for him when he feels up to it? I want him to know what a difference he made in my Life by sharing Marianne Williamson’s words in his inaugural speech.
Let this be a lesson to us all to not procrastinate in sharing our Gratitude.
With Love, Gratitude and Humility,

Thank you to Kyle Whitford and Craig Benelli for the arrangement and to Laura Berman for the background vocals.
I Love you all so much!!!

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR the link to listen to the song on Audioboo:  Please listen and share and say a prayer For Nelson.


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