Self Empowered Artists

Ah… It’s a new day in entertainment!  No longer do creatives have to wait for permission from a studio to create the content of their imaginings.  With current technology, one is empowered to  follow the promptings of the inner muse to allow the creative flow to move from idea to manifestation in record time in an affordable way that can be shared with a mass audience with a simple upload.  Wow!

One such example is my friend, Sonya Joseph.  From a related press release, “Sonya Anandi Joseph started thinking about writing a TV series.  She had written several screenplays for films but admitted to herself she was a television addict who rarely made it to a movie theater.  Her two goals were to write about something she knew about and something that wasn’t already covered on TV.  The idea came to her while driving home one day.  Church.  Motivational speakers.  Gurus.  An avid follower of Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Michael Beckwith and other modern day spiritual gurus, Ms. Joseph created the character of Josephine.  Her next question: “Who is a woman like that NOT supposed to be with?”  The answer, of course, Joel Osteen.  And the series was born.  She wrote 27 episodes in six weeks working 10 hour days in a cafe on Seattle’s Beacon Hill while shooting weddings on the weekends to pay the bills.”

Talk about self empowerment as an artist!  Sonya caught an inspiration for a series, wrote it, began shooting, and is now in the process of sharing her creation with the world through social media and YouTube.  Very cool.

Take a look!

“The series’ producers plan on releasing new episodes weekly.  Episodes can be located on YouTube by searching for the YouTube channel: ‘Sonya Joseph’.”

You can show your support for Sonya and her vision by liking the show on Facebook.

Maybe you already feel empowered in the manifestations of your visions.  If not, what would have to happen for you to feel so?  Is there a nudge of intuition calling for action?  A whisper asking to be heard?  A person you’ve thought of calling, a road you’ve thought of taking?

Whatever it is, you are WORTHY to listen and follow the direction of your dreams.  When we get still, listen, get out of the way, and then ACT accordingly, we are setting ourselves up for miracles to occur to such a degree they become the ordinary happenings in our extraordinary lives.

Here’s to YOU and the direction of YOUR dreams!




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