City Of Angels, Indeed.

Los Angeles is often referred to as the city of Angels. I find this to be absolutely true! I seem to run into angels everywhere I go, including today.  

First, there was my friend, Annabeth, who got up extra early to take me to a job, shooting some “audience work.” I had planned to take the bus, which would take about an hour for an otherwise 15 minute car ride.  What a gift.  Thank you, Annabeth!  This gave me time to finish my make-up in the car and arrive in easy-breezy comfort.

Standing in line for the job I was reminded by the coordinator, “ABSOLUTELY NO cell phones are allowed on the set.”  “I understand,” I affirmed. “I’m without a car today, new to LA, and need my phone to find my way around the city after the shoot.  I can keep it off until the end of the day if that works.”  Surely she would understand this reasonable request. “No exceptions.”  It’s a gift to experience this kind of challenge.  It reminds me who I really am, and the kind of work I am here to create.  I also respect the studio’s need to control the possibility of folks on the set taping behind the scenes and posting it online.  I’m guessing the rule was made after a boundary was crossed.

Being in LA without a car appears to have some challenges, this kind of situation being one of them.  If I use the phone to navigate the bus to get to a gig, but if no phones are allowed into the studio…  Hmmmm.   It’s a head scratcher, but I’ll figure it out.  =)

Which brings me to the second angel of my morning, Teny, a kind, young biology teacher standing in line for the same job. I’d never met her, but she was willing to share her glovebox with me as a place to store my cell phone during the shoot.  The timing didn’t work out to make to Teny’s car and back to the line before the call time, but I was touched by her willingness to help a stranger.  Thank you, Teny.

I took the opportunity of missing the day of work to embark on my first LA bus journey.

My handy iPhone GPS showed me where to walk to find the bus stop.  I must have looked a little lost as I stood on the corner looking at my phone, then to the street signs, then back to my GPS, then back to the street signs again to find my bearings.

When I looked up the third time, I saw a smiling stranger across the street.  There was compassion on his face.  Maybe he was remembering being new to LA himself.  Who knows?  In the next second, I saw the bus stop with the bus moving closer in it’s direction.

I began to run, flip-flops clicking, high heels in hand, in the direction of the bus.  As I ran past the friendly stranger, he shouted, “How are you?” I smiled and shouted in passing “I’m well, thanks!”  When I got to the bus I heard him cheering for me, “You made it! You made it!”  When I turned to smile at him, he was no where to be seen.  =)

How cool is that?!  It felt as if The Universe was cheering me onward to my goal.  It was a subtle confirmation of what I have been affirming for years; that I am supported by the Universe; that there is a positive conspiracy moving me forward into a greater expression of who I came here to be.  Beautiful.  THANK YOU kind stranger if you find this, and thank you to anyone who has been that voice of encouragement for a stranger.  In doing so we become wind in each other’s sails and create a more Loving, supportive world.

Later on my bus journey, I met a lovely couple Ute and Loren, at my next bus stop.  They were a delight!  Married for 30 something years, I think, they shared the story of how they met years ago at the Port Authority in New York City.  Having spent some years in New York myself, I was delighted by the thought that I had likely walked very near the place they had once caught the first glimpse of their future Loves.  So sweet.  I just fell in love with them, and felt connected at once.

They gave me their card and invited me to, “ come over and join us for a glass of wine sometime.”  My heart was so opened by this couple, still obviously in Love and so welcoming to an out of towner and stranger.  I look forward to connecting with them soon to share in more stories and community.  Thank you, Ute and Loren, for making LA a warm, friendly place.

Here we are heading toward North Hollywood in our “stretch community limo.”

It’s been a day of Love in the City of Angels, and there is still plenty to encounter. Wherever you are, may you be seeing angels all around you, including the one in the mirror.  Muah!!! xoxo




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