Yes To The Dreams

To blog or not to blog is the question of the day. For months now I haven’t been able to bring myself to write a single word on this site, though my private writing has been strong and consistent. I’ve questioned my personal motivations for blogging extensively and contemplated why any of us feels the need to express our journey on the web.

What I’ve come to thinking, at least for today, is that it’s really about feeling connected with one another. We are connected whether we like it or not, and the Internet is a beautiful external expression of that inner connectedness.  It has always been so, even in the Pony Express days.  It just took us longer to remember and get a sense of it.

I’ve been tempted to avoid sharing what’s going on in my life these days, but it feels so significant to me personally I’ve decided to open the door and say, “y’all come on in.”  You’ll set your own boundaries and read if you like, or close the window.  Either way, I’m feeling the Love of connection with every one of us, and I don’t need to know you to be completely in Love with you in this moment.

It’s easy to be in Love with Life when we choose to listen to our intuition and follow the visions that guide us.  We’ve all heard, “follow your bliss,” and I’ve given myself permission to do just that, which is why I’m sharing this message from Southern, California.

Several months ago I began to have dreams that I was in California; Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Hollywood.  I’d feel the sun on my face, smell the sea as I drove down the Pacific Coast Highway, and the energy of Spirit in community.

I remember dreaming that I was at the Agape International Spiritual Center, taking in the music and message, feeling uplifted and full.  It was yummy.  I’d then feel myself sitting on the Beach, taking in the ocean, just feeling the breath and connection with Divine Presence.  I also dreamt of working as an artist.  I felt the rush of sharing my spoken word poetry with an audience, feeling the lights on a film set, and the energy of an audience in a theatre.

As the dreams persisted, I shared with my husband, “I’m feeling such a pull it feels painful to ignore.”  In his loving and supportive way, he championed my joy, “Do what you feel called to do.  Follow your Guidance.”  That is Love, wanting fulfillment for our partners, even if it means we may need to miss them for a time.  He has witnessed me come alive as an artist in recent months in Portland, and wants more of that for me.

Allowing the artistic expression of my BEing to shine through brings me tremendous joy and a sense of living my Life on purpose.  Among the many facets of this rich life, I am an actor, a writer, a spoken word artist, yes.  It’s important to share this publicly with you.  No more hiding my secret desires of expression.  This is Leela allowing an authentic Life, allowing Presence, and the Truth of a moment to live through me.  It’s about allowing myself to taste so many flavors of Life through the embodiment of characters who take me places I’ve never been or places I wish to express more fully.   Acting is not about putting something on… it’s about allowing something greater to animate my BEing.  So, I’m saying yes… yes to the visions, yes to my heart, and yes to Life.  And I’m cheering you onward to know your heart’s desire.

A request of those who Love me is to send me positive energy and to know the highest and best for my journey, that something magnificent is now unfolding.  Liberation from limitation, allowing magnificence, abundance overflowing and pouring out to share, full expression of personhood, joy in the work I play in the world, discovering the depths of my BEing, living as a beneficial presence wherever I go… Please affirm this vision with me, friend.  I know this and so much more for you, and for all of us.  This is the call of my Life.

If there is one gift I intend to give YOU in all this, it is that you are reminded that, “You are worthy of your dreams.”  Be still and know.  Listen and follow.  Magic ensues when we do.



P.S.   I know this journey is enriching not only my own Life, but the lives of those I serve in community, like the women I’ll be with at the NTCSL women’s retreat in Oregon in September.  My workshop is about the Divine Courage of living an authentic Life.  I couldn’t authentically share that workshop without first taking a courageous leap myself.

David and our little pug, Manny, are both in my heart, so please give them an extra hug if you see them.  There is no Love like that which holds with an open hand and affirms the pursuit of personal fulfillment for their partner.  I am Grateful beyond expression.

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8 thoughts on “Yes To The Dreams

  1. alchemilla

    You are an inspiration, sister. Enjoy living your love! It\’s so GOOD to watch and learn from you. Sending you blessings of sweet Peace, Joy, Love and Abundant Freedom! Deanna. xo

  2. Sometimes being apart from the ones we love is the hardest and most loving thing we can do. I honestly don’t know if my separation from Kari is a temporary or permeate thing and I know it is for our “highest and greatest good”. When it was time to let go, I let go utterly for God’s Sake. I see this in you. My separation is a wide gulf. I see yours from David and the rest of us as short and small. AND I hold Meditation for whatever is.
    Love Rod

    1. Thank you, Rod. Kari taught so many of us about letting go with Grace. I still have the card she sent just weeks before her passing on the fireplace mantel as a reminder of the preciousness and brevity of Life. That awareness of Life’s fleeting presence is a part of my choice to truly listen to the inner compass within.

      I have felt her Spirit with me at times, and always it is a sensation of Love and warmth. Sending that same Love and warmth to you and Ian as Life continues to unfold. Blessings and comfort.

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