A Dream EmBodied

Last night my NEW REALITY began to set in as I chose to, at last, EmBody that which I have been born express.

More thoughts coming on this soon.

Tonight my thoughts are on what 9/11 means to me.

This BLOG from my husband and minister, David Alexander, is thought provoking and meaningful to me.  I think about the people I met working as a temp at the William Mercer firm in 2 World Trade Center about six to eight months before the events that unfolded 10 years ago on that blue skied September morning.

I made a promise that morning that I would LIVE my Life and move in the intention toward self realization and authentic personal liberation. I dedicate the following clip to the familiar strangers whose data I entered in a computer on the 54th floor of the Tower. I wonder… where you may be in this moment.

Love and Gratitude for All,


Bless us all on our paths.  All are worthy.


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