Treasures from the Hunt

I’m taking a leap of FAITH and stepping into the great unknown.

For years, I’ve dreamed of doing an original show with music & spoken word. I’m not sure what to call it, exactly.

Performance Art?

If I call it performance art, people might expect me to be wearing a leotard, and THAT won’t be happening! Or will it?  Hmmmmm. You’ll just have to come find out. =)

The show is September 9th at 7Pm at the NT-Sizzle! Click Here for directions & info. New Thought Center for Spiritual Living in Lake Oswego.

Here is the evolving poster. I say evolving because next week I’ll be revealing WHO the guest artists will be. I can say with total confidence that YOU will LOVE them. (Many of you already DO. =>).  When I invited them to come see the show, they said, “What do you need? How can we help? We don’t have a gig that night, so we are yours if you want us.” What!? Want them?!  Wow!  I’m excited and grateful beyond measure for their generous offer to be part of the evening. Now I KNOW you’ll get your money’s worth… even if I were to pass out in the first song. I told them to just step over my limp body and carry on. After all, “the play is the thing.”

Working on content for the show this morning I did a search for an artist I’ve loved for some time, Susan Werner. Her music was with me when I lived in New York City and beyond…. a calming balm to my soul amidst the honking of taxi cabs, rushing people, subway sounds (which I sometimes miss) and my own restless Soul. Susan Werner’s music, somehow made life in NYC a little more manageable.     

Anyway, this morning I found a YouTube clip of Susan singing “My Strange Country.” I was deeply moved by the song, her voice, and the presence with which she sings it. I love this strange country too. AND… I see the best way to love it is not to pretend it’s all “purple mountain majesty and amber waves of grain,” but to also acknowledge the shadow side of the land we love so we can HEAL it.  My show is NOT a political statement… but stumbling across this clip reminded me of how much in love with America I was as a little girl of 5 at the 1976 Bi-Centenial parade. I was so proud of my silver bi-centinneal dollar! I was actually infatuated with America, and couldn’t see any of it’s flaws. But that stage of love is temporary and doesn’t help the beloved grow. Mature love reveals our blind spots and helps us become more than we were. So, in the spirit of loving America, enjoy.   Guess I’m still patriotic. =) Feels good.

Hope to see you at the September 9th show!








One thought on “Treasures from the Hunt

  1. Kari Misegades

    Hi Leela
    I was having a similar (to Susan’s song) conversation with a neighbor yesterday and I got to be the voice as Susan…loving and knowing we are in growing pangs and revealing our wholeness now…and now…
    I love America too.

    You know Rod and I will BE there at EMBODY. Seeing it – now- beautifully uplifting for all.
    I love you,

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