Sanctuary on the Radio

He was a hero of my childhood. An ambassador for the energy of peace and good humor in my sometimes volatile childhood home. My father was a big fan, which meant the entire family would gather to listen.  Dad would turn on the radio and shhhhsh the family. That shhhsh was a welcome sound. That meant it was time for the world to go away and fade into the soothing compassionate voice of reason.

I felt safe during Paul Harvey. There would be no arguing or loud voices, not during Dad’s favorite radio show. Paul Harvey made my childhood feel sweeter and safer. He continues to inspire.

Thank you, God, for Granddaddy Paul. =)


One thought on “Sanctuary on the Radio

  1. Like you, Paul Harvey remains one of a kind. What a great memory. That old , full, AM radio sound with his big voice activates my synesthesia noticeably.

    I recently re read a piece about communication being largely vocal inflection and body language, not so much words. Paul Harvey somehow made them all work — and on the radio! His imagery painted more than pictures could.

    Thanks for the diversity to put this up.

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