S.M.A.R.T. “Start Making a Reader Today.” Great tools here for parents, caregivers, and volunteers!

Today was my first morning volunteering as a “SMART” reader. I was filling in for my friend, Nansie, who LOVES the organization dearly, and dedicates so much of her Life and heart to the children of the world. She is an angel for kids who may not even know it. =)

I watched the training videos with the intention of becoming a skilled facilitator for the children I’ll be working with on reading. What an HONOR to serve in this way! Children are so precious… and they need US to show up for them in ways we might not have received ourselves as children.

Before going to the school this morning, I felt nervous about “getting it right.” But, the moment I saw Luna, the lovely young lady I’d be working with, we smiled at each other, the nerves went away, and it all fell into perspective.

I’ll be filling in for Nansie again next week, and then start volunteering with another student on a more ongoing basis. I know I’ll learn as much from these children as they might learn from me.

I’m re-posting the training videos for all of us, especially those of us with children in our lives, for a couple of reasons.

1. I never realized how such simple tools can make such a difference in the teaching, and nurturing of a child. May we all become skilled in the teaching of our children. They are depending on us… NOW.

WE are the ones to step in and help fill the gaps being widened by budget cuts in our schools.

2. I’m posting to potentially inspire YOU to become a SMART reader… or at least to re-engage with your children, god-children, nieces, nephews etc. in the area of reading. In doing so, we can inspire them to find the Greatness within themselves to help create a brighter tomorrow.

Video 1. SMART Reader Training: Introduction

Video 2. SMART Reader Training: The Basics

Video 3. SMART Reader Training: The Four Keys to Success

Video 4. SMART Reader Training: Reading Aloud

Video 5. SMART Reader Training: Shared Reading

Video 6. SMART Reader Training: Assisted Reading

Video 7. SMART Reader Training: Reading to Learn

(The last two videos didn’t want to publish with the blog. Just go to the YOUtube page for GetSmartOregon to see more.)


2 thoughts on “S.M.A.R.T. “Start Making a Reader Today.” Great tools here for parents, caregivers, and volunteers!

  1. Deanna Vazquez

    Hey Leela,

    I may be going off the beaten track a little here, but we are avid readers and my two girls (4 and 6) are following in our footsteps through daily reading since they were babies. So important!

    The reason I’m commenting here is that I wanted to add a recommendation for parents and teachers of young children. My tip is http://www.starfall.com. I cannot recommend it highly enough for budding new readers. Every now and then we’d let our 2 year old play at the site and by age 3 she had taught herself all the letters, phonics, some match and now at 4 she is reading kindergarten level books and doing basic math. She is not due to start kindergarten until Sep 2012.

    And now, teachers at my 6 year old’s grade school are also beginning to recommend http://www.starfall.com to parents.

    Just thought I’d throw this in here seeing as you’re on the subject, in the hope that it might be a useful additional resource to the program you’ve outlined here.


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