How REAL can I be with you?

Sharing our gifts… in Grief and ONEness.

I almost didn’t post these videos due to the rawness of my state when I recorded them. I was feeling such sadness when I recorded them, they really were a way for me to “talk out” my feelings and bring myself back to center after a day of feeling tremendous heaviness and grief… not just for the people I know who have recently lost loved ones, but…. for all of humanity and our shared experiences of loss, grief, joy, and gratitude.

I remain in awe of Life itself, and the vast array of emotions and experiences we all have in common. Further inspiration to continue with my latest project, at I hope you’ll join me in remembering our ONEness at 1:00 for One minute, daily. The practice is enriching my Life, and it it is my desire that it enrich the Lives of everyONE.

Here is part ONE of my recordings on the evening of April 7th, 2011. Dedicated to Sam Murray, Kim Price, and Adam Shackelford. I didn’t mention Adam in this video, but he and his family are much in my heart and on my mind. He was my “pseudo-bro” and I was his “pseudo-sis.” He died young of a seizure, but remains alive in my heart.

What did we come here to share? What is ours to do in the world? In this segment, I’m sharing some spoken word and other writings from a small, self-published book of poems and prose I wrote some time ago, titled “Mutterings of a Teenaged Girl in her Thirties.”

I’ve been in the process of creating a one woman show using some of these pieces, so this is sort of a back stage pass to my creative process… including some ramblings at times… thus the title of the book. I hope you find some inspiration in the watching to listen to your own inner voice and share what is yours to give to the world.

Here are some links to mentions from the video. Take them or leave them. They’ve all been part of my journey.

Thank you for being part of my dream. What Love and beauty you bring.



The Ayurveda Cafe – NYC

Ramana Maharshi

Saul Williams

Ken Wilber

Stuart Davis

Pema Chodron

Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi – I love Genpo and his work. He’s in a controversy right now… and I acknowledge his humanness, and that of EVERYONE. Compassion rules the day.

Husdon & Riso

Berry Brook Farm


2 thoughts on “How REAL can I be with you?

  1. Scott

    We live in dream-state, not because we sleep, but, the translations between the diverse entities of “I” become mired in Babel.
    Your strong presence is a welcomed embrace in this world.

    1. Thank you for the warm words, Scott.
      It’s easy for me to get lost in Babel…. when I really need to simply be still and KNOW.
      I’m reminded of the Tao, ” he that speaks, doesn’t know, and he that knows, doesn’t speak.”
      Thank you for seeing though the Babel.

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