Forgiveness and HB3376. How far have we come, as a society, in our willingness to forgive?

One thing our society is well practiced in is carrying a grudge, but has it truly served us? At what point do we decide someone is worthy of our trust and forgiveness? Is over 20 years long enough for an “ex-con” to prove their renewed commitment to being a vital member of society?
Alexander Pope said, ”To Err Is HumanTo Forgive Divine.“ But when it comes to those with a criminal record, how forgiving are we? Is it in alignment with the values on which we claim this nation was built?  Are we perpetuating crime consciousness by branding a convicted class B felon as “felon” for Life, even after decades of rehabilitation?
The following video addresses some of these questions.
For further understanding, please read this letter from “Better People – Not Just Better Workers” and this letter from “ROAR – Re-entry Organizations and Resources.
To find and contact your local legislator, CLICK HERE or your Representative in the House, CLICK HERE.

Thank you for your interest, compassion, and action in this important matter.

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