ONE at 1:00 for One… Cure for a Heavy Heart

The news was full of disharmony today, which can leave one with a heavy heart… but still we continue with the work of consciously opening the heart to find common ground and connection.

There is so much work to do in the healing of our world, and as small as it may seem… One at 1:00 for One is a small step which just might change the world.

BTW… I really did enjoy connecting with Lars this week. I think it’s important to be open to people with views different than our own, and recognize the similarities we share as brothers and sisters in the human family. We are all ONE.

A reminder again of how ONE at 1:00 for One works….

1)  Set a daily reminder for 1pm local time, where ever you live.

2)  Contemplate the oneness which binds us all as part of the human family. Think of the heartbeat in someone you don’t know across the globe. Remember that beneath all of the outward differences, We Are One. Know and affirm it for the sake of connecting the people of the world to heal our past and make a more unified, peaceful tomorrow.

3) Remain in the awareness of our oneness for one minute or more. That’s just 60 seconds a day to change the world! What a GRAND EXPERIMENT! Imagine what Life will be like if it works. Are you in?
As the time zones change, the movement of ONE at 1:00 for One will orbit around the globe, carrying a wave positive energy through the affirmation that we are One.

Can you feel it?! It’s already taking hold and spreading like wildflowers.
Take it and run with it!




2 thoughts on “ONE at 1:00 for One… Cure for a Heavy Heart

  1. Deanna Vazquez

    “Watching the news isn’t telling us what to worry about, it’s telling us what to pray about.” Thanks Mr Beckwith, that’s a wonderfully empowering response to all the negativity, which I will most certainly use!

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