Changes at Alpha Broadcasting, Loving Glenn Beck and Social Responsibility

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!

“May the long road rise to meet you, all Love surround you, and the pure light within you guide you on your way.”

This post was so long, I had to cut it into two (unedited) pieces. AND… I broke more rules in broadcasting that I can count on one hand… but I felt compelled just to connect with you and share what was on my heart today.

In this two part video cast: My thoughts on the BIG changes at Alpha Broadcasting, How Glenn Beck is part of my Spiritual practice, my commitment to fiscal growth and responsibility, and…. quite a bit of meandering… hopefully at least somewhat compelling meandering. =)

part I

part II

If you resonate with these videos, and would like to support my vision for positive change, and you wish to donate to Life With Leela. THANK YOU. Funds will be allocated to feed the growth and expansion of this broadcast, including personal use to help support the host in this time of economic transition.

Donations can be made at to my account. THANK YOU.

Gratitude abounds-



“Spiritual Economics” by Eric Butterworth.

This book is both life and tax bracket changing! Loving written and effective.

“Living the Awakened Life” Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith What to say? Rev. Dr. Michael is a masterful teacher of these principles.


13 thoughts on “Changes at Alpha Broadcasting, Loving Glenn Beck and Social Responsibility

  1. Lisa

    Just beautiful………Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… BREATHE….
    lot coming up and out.

    Love the videos… so great to see you in this form- you are courageously authentic & transparent! ( way to break those broadcasting rules, they are ol’ paradigm!)

    AND, I chuckled at the Jerry MaGuire moment…

    Keep sharing your truth.. you are a change agent for this planet- sharing your lessons, raising consciousness and waking the world up.. one video at a time!

    Look forward to MO’ Life with Leela….

    And So it is!

    1. Thank you, Lisa.
      Your words are an inspiration. And I LOVE your work at (I’m a fan!)
      I had a moment of blogger’s remorse after posting, but then let go into trust.
      They say we should do one thing each day that scares us.
      So I can check that one off of the list for today. =)
      Thank you, again.

  2. Laurie Daven

    Hey, Leela! This is another great message. You know that I support you in speaking your truth (and you do so with such grace and compassion)! Thank you for being.



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