Dear Egypt, I Love You. I’m sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You.

What is mine to do?

I can only answer for today , and this moment as to what is mine to do. Today it was to send a video to the people of Egypt, and trust that it will be translated with the Love I intended to share. The translation is not mine to do, but I know, as this video is posted, one will see it and say, “Translating this video is mine to do.” And so they will. And so it is.

When I feel closed, sad, or stressed, the ho’oponopono chant can be a source of tremendous comfort. The energy of it seems to dissipate whatever resistance I might be feeling at the moment, whether to a person, or event. I hope someone in Egypt finds will find comfort in it’s healing message.

This was mine to do today. I don’t need to know about tomorrow right now. Tomorrow will reveal itself soon enough.

Whatever is yours to do today, you are loved and supported.

In Peace-



2 thoughts on “Dear Egypt, I Love You. I’m sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You.

  1. Paula

    Hi Leela — I resonate with you on Egypt. As you know, I was in Cairo for business in December, and I found the Egyptians to be wonderful, friendly, hospitable, and caring. My heart goes out to them now. I also love the ho-‘oponopono blessing — it is perfection!
    I know I haven’t been around lately, but know that I live my life according to principle and I am doing amazing and wonderful things! When opera finishes, I will be back to see everyone!

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