Being the Solution… We are All Connected.

In this season for non-violence please join me in contemplation of PEACE in Egypt. The people are faced with an immeasurable challenge. Plain clothed police are starting riots in the streets to create a chain reaction and a story that puts the protestors in a negative light. Reporters are being silenced.

Let us put our collective heads together to help think of non-violent ways the people can create change in their country. I know in the Spirit of Dr. King, Ghandi, Caesar Chavez, and other peace activists, that there is a way to end this situation peacefully. Get out a journal… brainstorm… we are part of the global family so this is also our situation to help solve.

WARNING: the content of the video here is disturbing… and as much as I tend to keep my thoughts away from such energy… I believe it is important to know what is unfolding so that I can help be part of the solution… even if by finding peace within my heart, and radiating it outwardly to those involved in this conflict. But for the Grace of God go I… and you.


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