Are You a Quick Change Artist?

It’s hard for me to believe it’s been only 6 days since my last post. So much has happened in that time. Life is changing at a rapid pace, mostly by slowing down. Taking 90 minutes for a Yoga class is something I might not have considered before seeing how those precious minutes of slowing down, could accelerate my journey to wellness and Spiritual connection.

I’ve heard teachers of the human potential movement say that we can only manifest as much change as we are willing to accept, and in the time we are able to accept it. When we get out of the way and allow it, our highest potential is readily accessible. This requires saying goodbye to some old patterns of behavior to make room for the new. And this is where we often get snagged in our progress. You’ve heard the song, “Breaking Up is Hard to do.” It’s the same idea, but with one’s own, old self. I have experienced an element of grief in moving forward. I think this is a natural part of the process.

If we can be open to rapid transformation, it is possible… not always easy, but possible. Just in the time since my last entry, I’ve experienced more Bikram Yoga, a 4 day Raw Food Retreat, and my first session of Rolf si with Terri Poch at the Cell Rejuvenation Center. Wow! That’s a lot of change at a rapid pace. I feel the cells of my body vibrating at a higher frequency, if that makes sense. It’s a trip!

As for the body work, I’ve heard that “Rolf si is great, you should try it!” And that, “It hurts, I didn’t like it.” But until I experienced Terri’s work myself, I could not have imagined what the experience would bring. I cannot speak about any other body workers of this kind, since Terri is the only one I’ve experienced, but I loved the work. I was open to it, breathing a steady, yogic breath through my nose throughout the session. Feeling moments of slight discomfort at times, followed by a release and relief. I like that she puts clients in a far infrared sauna before the session to warm and relax the body, making the client more receptive to the work.

Up till now, I haven’t been able to straighten my right elbow in over 10 years due to re-injuring a prior fracture of the radial head. I’ve been feeling the arm open a little more with each Bikram class, and yesterday, I felt my arm straightening, and blood flowing over the elbow, rushing to places I’ve been holding as “injured” for many years. I felt an emotional release of joy, knowing that my healing of that arm has finally begun.

Another quick change; I remember coming to accept that “I have rounded shoulders.” No matter how hard I tried to “stand up straight,” I’d turn sideways and see my shoulders pointing forward. Even with yoga and stretching, the shoulders looked rounded and slightly slumped.

Yesterday was a miracle! I looked in the mirror after the session and saw my chest opened and broadened with my shoulders facing upward, toward the sky. And this was just the first session. I never thought I could have broad shoulders, but after yesterday, I see that anything is possible when we are open to transformation.

I left Terri’s studio with better posture than when I arrived, feeling energy and blood flowing through parts of my body that have been asleep for a long time. My body felt realigned in a significant way… and we haven’t even started the 10 series! You can read more about rolfing by clicking this paragraph.

I will continue to share the experiences of the transformation I’m undergoing, simply because I believe we are all here to share what we learn so that we might be a bridge for someone else to cross. I am so fortunate to be able to experience the services at The Cell Rejuvenation Center, and I feel I’d be hoarding the good, if I didn’t share.

Quick tips for the week.  (Really these are instructions and reminders for myself.)  =)

  • Rest. Get plenty of rest. I know you’ve heard it before, but it’s more important than our culture seems to value.
  • Eat as many fresh veggies and living foods as possible; the fresher the better. That life force goes into the body and gives us more energy than dead, processed “food.”
  • Accept wherever you may be along the journey. We have the rest of our lives to “get it right” or “master” a practice. (Thank you Christy Whitney at the CRC for that important reminder.)
  • Build a community of support. Very important.
  • Breathe. Keep focusing on the breath and the present moment. When we cling to the past, we are not available to the miracle of the present moment.
  • Laugh. As often as you can. Especially at one’s own self.

Have a lovely day. Take time to see the miracles already unfolding in your life. YOU are reading these words for a reason.




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