Finding our Peeps in Practice

Have you ever felt like you could see your best life from outside of a sliding glass door? Peering into a vision of how sweet Life could feel, if only you could step through the portal into the new reality?

I know this feeling well. For me, it has been about getting back in touch with optimum health. I could see myself, “healed, whole, and complete,” in my visioning process, but in the 3D world of flesh and bone, I couldn’t quite make the leap. The missing piece seemed to be around building a system of support.

Though I am blessed with an abundance of supportive friends, I was longing for something specific to add and enrich my Life. I was dreaming of a group of people passionate about yoga & super-healthy eating, bringing the Spiritual experience into the body; a culture of folks who would love to connect over raw, or Living Foods. People who wouldn’t think I’m weird because of my extreme sensitivity to food.

Most of the wisdom traditions teach us that our body is a temple. This is universal Truth, which transcends any particular religion. I have become aware that my body reacts best when I keep my diet as “clean” as possible. In the past I’ve found great success with Dr. Robert Young’s “The pH Miracle,” which suggests eating mostly green, alkalizing foods, either lightly cooked or raw.

But when I moved to Portland from Charlotte, NC, the grey skies and loneliness got to me. I began to slowly re-introduce “comfort foods” which made me feel anything BUT comfortable. And before I knew it, I was eating the Standard American Diet, sans meat. By the time I got serious about regaining my health, my body had become accustomed to and even craved the processed foods, which made me feel sick.

I tried, on my own, many times to follow the healthy path, but I’d often find myself at a party or gathering with food as the catalyst for community. There would be deserts, wine, rich foods, all of which I found too tempting to resist in the group setting. And eventually, I was right back in the habit of buying “junk food” just for myself. No party needed. Just me, and the food addiction.  I say addiction, because certain foods trigger a physical craving pattern which, when fed, can become quite difficult to quit. I couldn’t do it alone. I needed a culture of support.

At a recent visioning group meeting, I met with a group of women. We used a process to hone in on the laser beam focus of our deepest heart’s desire. We would share our intention with the group, and then hear feedback in the form of questions to help us clarify the intention. After 4 or 5 re-writes, mine became clear. “I am thriving in a community which supports and nurtures my intention for self care.” I know many people in my Life support and nurture my intention for self-care, and I’m grateful, but this was specific to my quest for optimum health, not average, or the norm.

Miraculously, just one week later, I was invited to work with The Cell Rejuvenation Center in Portland, Oregon. I am now seeing my affirmation realized! Wow.

So far, I’ve taken three Bikram Yoga classes, and experienced 2 colon hydrotherapy sessions. My cravings for sugar and junk foods have completely lifted. Today, I actually felt repulsed at the thought of eating desert, because I know if I “indulge,” I will pay the price the next day in Yoga. It’s just not worth the pain.

All of the Bikram teachers have been lovely, and Nicole, the colon hydro-therapist, has a sensitivity, which makes the experience very comfortable. The room is gently lit with soothing music playing, and the table is warmed with a far infrared heating pad to lie on during treatment. It is AMAZING how this therapy is working for me. Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, says “Health Begins in the Colon.” In fact he’s written a book about it. There are many experts who agree that, when performed correctly, colon hydrotherapy can be a source of incredible healing in the body.

This is a lot to experience in just a week, but I find that jumping in with both feet is easier for me than just dipping my toe in the water. I’d rather jump in the river than have one foot on each bank. It just makes things more clear. Any time I’ve tried to make a lifestyle change by gradually transitioning, the pull of the habitual patterns has been too strong to resist. So I’m all in on this personal experiment in Wellness.

The community at the Cell Rejuvenation Center is embracing, compassionate, and understanding of what the beginners are experiencing. There is no judgment, but a palpable energy of support. This support is so important on the road to optimum health. Community holds us up, when we feel too weak to stand. It’s not as if we hold each other up in an “I’m going to fix you” codependent kind of way. It’s more of a knowing that others will be in the studio, honoring the practice, saying “Yes” to the challenges and rewards.  It’s a knowing that you can join them when you’re called to do so, and you won’t be in journey alone.

Today I shared with a new friend that I feel as if I am waking up in a dream. I have been graced with an opportunity to step through the sliding glass door, through a portal, and into the experience of my new, and improved Life. It isn’t always easy. In fact, right now most of it is downright challenging, but I feel so much better than when I began. The rewards are worth the effort and sore muscles, ten fold. With practice the muscles will continue to open, along with my heart, which gets a little fuller each day.

Whatever your heart’s desire, be it optimum health, or another passion, you will be well served to find a group of like minded individuals to support you on your journey. I get this at church for my Spirit and Mind, and now at the CRC, for the trinity of body, mind, and Spirit.

Where do you find support? May I invite you to give yourself the gift of community? If you haven’t already done so, stepping into community will elevate you beyond what what you’ve known as yourself. I am so grateful.

I wish you joyful communion and support in your endeavors for living, as Oprah calls it, “your best life.”




One thought on “Finding our Peeps in Practice

  1. Christine Ruddy


    Thank you for listening and honoring yourself! It unconsciously gives all of us permission to do the same. I agree that having a loving supportive community around you makes all the difference. When you know your truth and are willing to embody it, everything else falls into place. So I hold love and light for you in your adventure and know that you are already shining!

    Love to you at every step…..


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