Why Bikram?

I took yesterday off from Bikram at the Cell Rejuvenation Center in Portland, because my body was SO SORE from the first class. I thought, “My muscles need a day of rest.” BUT then I got online, and found that it is recommended to practice 6 days a week for the first 6 months!


You mean 6 days a week of intense heat and pushing myself BEYOND what feels possible for my body? You mean 6 days a week of watching my inner dialogue (a great form of meditation) say things like, “Oh my God, I feel like I am going to die! 6 days a week of watching my legs wobble in standing postures? 6 days a week of wondering if I’ll ever get over the beginners hump?”

Perspective shift: “What, you mean 6 days of week of knowing I did my best? 6 days a week of releasing toxins from my body? 6 days a week of feeling more in tune with my body, mind, and Spirit? 6 days a week of a 90 minute moving meditation? 6 days a week of post Bikram Bliss?”

Ahh. Yes. That feels better.

And guess what? Seeing the people in class who are dedicated to their practice, standing in their strength, moving through deep flexibility tells me that I will get there too. AND, it tells me that where I am, right now, is OK.  Everyone has to start somewhere.

Every year a birthday comes and we are either more or less healthy than the year that proceeded. Which will we choose?

This is a BUSY week for me, and I’m going to be “roughing it” in the woods from Thursday-Sunday with no Bikram available, though I will have other yoga forms available to me. I’ll practice as much as I can now through Thursday when I join a group of raw foodists to learn more about how to support my desire for moving more into a “Live Food” lifestyle.

I found a great video for inspiration, and plan to be in the 4 o’clock class today! For some reason, the video wouldn’t upload into the post today, so I’ve attached a link to this paragraph. Just click anywhere to watch. Its Great! Enjoy!




3 thoughts on “Why Bikram?

  1. I’m learning that each person has to find what really works for one’s self. Today I practiced Yin Yoga, instead of Bikram. Some people went straight from the Bikram class to the Yin class.

    The journey will continue to unfold, as it does, hopefully without judgement. For now, I’m testing the waters to see what really works best for me. I think that’s what all of us would be well served to do.

  2. I remember when I first started Bikram – how lightheaded I would get and how often I took breaks. But I felt SO GOOD afterwards and knew I was doing good things for my body. Now I try to go twice a week, can make it through the whole class, and am a TON more flexible. You’ll get there –hope you love it!

    1. Hi Clare,
      Thank you for the supportive comment. This yoga is such a trip! My goal is now 3 times a week. I am seeing some great benefits already.
      I applaud your courage in writing about some deep issues on your blog. This is how we heal the world… first with ourselves.
      Peace and many Blessings to you,
      Go Cards!

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