Cure for Writer’s Block

Hello again…

As you might have gathered, I LOVE to write. Love it!

AND… at times, I have felt what some might call “writer’s block.” It tends to happen when I feel that I must create something wonderful. It happens when I find myself judging my work before it even hits the page.

I wouldn’t treat someone else that way, so why would I do it to myself? Why would you?

C’mon, don’t tell me I’m the only one who does this with the creative process at times. It’s ok. Our culture has nurtured the idea that artist must “suffer for their art.” But that idea might be coming to an end, to make room for a more productive way of thinking. Thank GOD for that!!

My dear friend, Kyle, recommended this video as a “cure for writer’s block.” It’s a Ted Talk with Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the NY Times bestseller, and recent hit movie, “Eat, Pray, Love.”

Enjoy it. This video shifted my thinking about what my “job” really is, as a creative individual. I hope you find it liberating. I did.




2 thoughts on “Cure for Writer’s Block

  1. Mary CUmmings

    I saw this one. My sweetie subscribes to TED talks and we watch it often.
    Believe it or not, I write, too. I don’t share it though. It’s not that I don’t think it’ll make a difference, I do. I just never seem to to tie it up into a neat bow. More revealing is that I cannot seem to find the courage to expose myself by opening up my notes for others to peer into. Do I believe it’s as worthy of reading as that which others write? Absolutely! So not finding a safe little audience somewhere is silly, even ludicrous considering that others often duplicate or do justice to identical ideas I’ve written about. I’ve had a lot of life happen to me and through me. To me when I was unenlightened, through me once I was. In sharing verbally in years past I was told, “You should write a book!” But I have much to transcend to find that voice and write…. out loud!

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