Wisdom belongs to everyone. Rather we belong to it. The Native Americans knew this about the land we now have the audacity to call our own. They knew that we are the temporaries, living on what is eternal. The same is true with the human relationship to universal wisdom. There is no copyright which can actually allow someone to own wisdom, anymore than a deed to a parcel of land can allow someone to own the land itself, which will remain in the centuries to come, long after the title holder has passed from this life to what lies on the other side of the veil.

In our culture, we tend to “worship” vehicles of truth. We turn artists and teachers into stars and celebrities who end up on Entertainment television and the covers of gossip rags, so we can watch them as if they are removed from us.  We let ourselves believe they have some special gift that we do not. But we are all artists and vehicles for truth when we allow ourselves to be still and listen.

When a teacher has expressed a truth that resonates, it is the wisdom itself, which is awe inspiring, and should be celebrated. But our inability to separate the message from the messenger has us putting our teachers on pedestals; as if they have a special anointing that we do not. But we all have the capacity to learn and teach, when we choose to question our own dear truths and listen for wisdom greater than ourselves.

A wise man said that we, are each responsible when anyone who “falls from Grace,” in our eyes, because no one can live for long on the pedestals we have designated for them. After all, even the wisest of the wise are mere mortals, living in flesh and bone with all the normal human foibles and frailties

We, ourselves, are responsible to carry the torch for our own discovery of Life. The seeker becomes the teacher who has been swept along by the current of the river of wisdom. We find ourselves riding on infinite rapids of truth much stronger, deeper, and wider than our own mortal existence.

When Truth reveals itself to us through a chain of events that leads to our own awareness of that which we have always known, but did not articulate until now, it doesn’t feel like something new or foreign. It feels like a force that has been dwelling in our spirit, in our bones, and in the dust from whence we came, before we came to be. It feels like going home. And it is just that. We go home to wisdom.

As an artist, there is nothing I can create that is original. So, I surrender the ego-driven need to be the first to discover anything. I accept that wisdom is, always has been, and always will be, long after I am gone. The same wisdom, love, and humanity that inspire me, inspired those before me, and will inspire those to come. We are all the same, all different, all many, all one. I am just another tenant paying rent. Of course different people, all conduits of creativity, are inspired through the filters of our own human experience, which gives the end product a different shade or color, leaving the personal signature of the artist.

We get the idea that we have created by choosing to listen, and in a sense we have, I suppose. But really what we have done is to allow creation to happen through us. Creation is always present, patiently waiting for a vehicle to come along and bring it to conscious manifestation. So how can there ever be a shortage of inspiration?

Knowing that art is waiting for me to give it life, takes off the pressure. I do not have to “come up” with anything. Neither do you. When we allow creativity to blossom, it will not be original, because the most truthful art is universal. This is not to say that we are not still discovering new and exciting territory of the human experience, but the basic human stories weave a thread through all of our lives, and thus have a familiar ring to them.

How liberating to think that I do not have to be “special” or “prolific” in my observations. How comforting to know that I am not on a solo expedition, excavating the caverns of the human experience. You are entitled to the same liberation and comfort. With this realization, we can let go of the “originality” block and be free at last, to open to the channels of creativity flowing through us, and accept what ever comes forth for the beauty it has to offer.

Therefore, if my words sound familiar, please forgo judgment. Perhaps they are expressions of thoughts you have had yourself. After all, how many ways can wisdom be expressed? How many words are there to speak the truth? Which words are original? Which words are yours? Which words are merely misguided nonsense?

Let us practice non-judgment and get out of the way of what feels true in the present moment. Let us simply let the waters of creativity flow.


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