Celebrating Community!

We’ve all heard, “It takes a village,” but to see the village in motion is a beautiful thing, indeed!

During my quest for the Oprah Winfrey Network contest, a group of inspired individuals showed us all just how much fun the village can have while helping manifest a dream!

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in any way in this demonstration of Love and Celebration. YOU have touched my heart deeply! I’m still feeling the LOVE. This was more about YOU than me; building community, working together to support positive change in the world. I am so GRATEFUL to have been able to serve as a point of inspiration.

Following are excerpts and videos from Dr. George, the organizer of just one aspect of the “Vote For Leela” campaign.


“The writers group got together and Anne Niblett and George Spady were inspired to participate in a flash mob to promote Leela Vox. Professional Flashmobsters take 8 weeks to get their act together but we … needed to be able to do it in less than 2 weeks so it would support and promote voting for Leela.  Anne and George got together and started choosing music for the event.

We chose. Celebration by Kool and the Gang. An inspiring song that speaks our mind about what we like to do in life. HAVE FUN and CELEBRATE!!!!!.

Remember we had to practice 5 times a day
This is the demo of the routine practiced 5 times a day!!!!!!

After more practices during the week . These lead us to our finale at Pioneer courthouse square June 19th 2010.

“I had such a good time ‘working’ on the flashmob….it was so much fun! I want to be more aware of the joy and fun in my life and taking part certainly did that. Thanks for all your hard work and fun!”

“It felt really good to be part of a community pulling together and supporting one of our own and her vision!! The positive energy and commitment that everyone made to this was incredibly uplifting and inspiring!! The inclusivity and joyous celebration that was obvious in everyone’s words, actions, and spirit made this the funniest thing I’ve done in quite a while!! I am so blessed to have been part of it!! Thanks George, Anne, and Steven for all that you did to generate and create such a positive experience for the world!!  PAGFATI !!!” (Peace and Gratitude for all that is).

“The flashmob experience was wonderful. It was fun, it was community building, and it had a larger purpose. Best of all was to see how quickly a dream can go from nothing at all (even with nay sayers) to full blown expression, just from the intention and belief of one strong minded person. That’s inspirational in and of itself. I liked that it was so inclusive – all generations participating and all levels of dance ability. Anne did an amazing job of making everyone feel safe, accepted, and able to participate. Thank-you both! Awesome job!!
Love and Blessings,”

“This flash mob experience was great fun. I got to know some people I didn’t know before, and working as a team to get it right was a wonderful experience. In the future, if I hear the song “Celebration” I fear I will be compelled to break out into the dance routine. Thanks, George, and all who did extra work to get this done.”

“From now on I will feel, when hearing the song ‘Celebration’, the heart of our organization (church) coming together for a greater purpose.  If this joy could be captured and replayed just think how this seemingly simple event could continue to unite and bring laughter to us all.  Thank you George and thanks to the many that were inspired to follow your creative vision – you make a difference.” Steve

“God answered my prayers, it did  not RAIN!  Interaction with the other performers was the best for me because I got to meet so many wonderful people.   Everyone was comfortable with each other because we could act like kids and just dance.  You were not in completion with anyone and no one felt threatened. The bystanders watching  were smiling or joining the Flash Mob dancing. One of the bystanders was a little girl and she was having a ball running throw the rows of the dancers.  She was so innocent and free spirited. The one who thought of this, organized this and made sure it happen, George, was not pushy, not rough but a overly patient person who just knew what to do and handle everyone with love.” Kitty



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