Show Your Feet Some Love

Hey There!

I hope this day finds you well. Mine has been super busy, so far, and I’m just getting started!

Keeping Life on the light side today, I’d like a share a quick video I made yesterday in Portland, Oregon offering a quick tip on pampering and self-care.

Whatever your day brings, I hope you find … um hummm….rather, make time to show yourself some Love today.  You deserve it.

Enjoy Life,



My friend, the fabulous Britt Bensen Steel says, “Ahhh… Your feet are your hands that touch the earth.” I say, “So show your feet some Love today!”

You can learn more about Britt’s wonderful work at her yummy blog, The Bloomletter. Check out her May 28th entry. You’ll feel instantly better, even if you already feel great!


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