Swimming in the Waters of our Good

Remember the first time you tried to swim? It might have come very easily for you, or you might have found yourself struggling against the water to stay afloat.

I remember being at a sandy-beached lake in East Texas with my family and our cousins. I had been trying to learn to swim under water all day. I’d hold my breath and lower myself down into the cool water, hoping that I would float. I’d kick my arms and legs but nothing would happen, except that my feet would touch the shallow bottom of the lake.

It seemed that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t quite master the relationship between my young body and the water. I found myself feeling frustrated, and as the day wore on, afraid that I would never “get it.”

As the sun began to set, I heard my mother say, “Five more minutes, kids. It’s time to go.” I remember feeling a tingling in my solar plexus. I knew this was the moment to swim. If I didn’t swim now, I might have to wait months for another opportunity.

Something within my young Spirit said, “Yes!” I took a deep breath, sank into the water, pushed off from the sandy bottom of the lake with my little feet as hard as I could and kicked my legs, propelling my body toward the shore. I felt like a champion as I moved my arms, pushing the water from above my head down to my sides.

After all of that struggle, I was swimming underwater! I stood up with the water now just below my knees and yelled, “I did it! I swam! Did you see me? I swam!” My parents praised my accomplishment, and I felt in that moment like I was on top of the world.

What waters are calling you today? Is there a burning desire you have been avoiding, for fear that you might not know how to swim?

I believe in your buoyancy. I believe that which is calling you will hold you up as you swim toward the shore of its manifestation. There is something magical that happens when we allow our deepest hearts’ yearnings to come forth. We truly are supported by the Universe. It might sound airy-fairy to some, but I am seeing firsthand that it is true. Call on the support of your angels, the Holy Spirit, your higher power, the Spirit of a loved one who has transitioned–whatever rings true for you–but trust that it is always available to support your dreams.

So grab the big rope hanging from the lakeside tree, swing across the water like Tarzan, and let go. I’m here to tell you the water is great! Let’s go swimming together in the waters of our good today!


P.S. At 7:14 this morning we had reached 121,952 votes and counting in the Oprah Winfrey Network grassroots campaign for “Life With Leela.”

THANK YOU AGAIN! We only have 32 days remaining in this campaign, and every day of voting counts. This is an endurance game, and we have the staying power to win it! One thing I am super-excited about is our views-to-votes ratio. We have continued to climb in views, with over 60,000 people seeing the video. This puts us on page 1 in the “most viewed” category!

Have a GREAT day!

Thank you for keeping the momentum going throughout your day, and voting often! xo


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