This morning, while resting in the space between sleeping and wakefulness, I laid in bed remembering those who have fought and died in the making of America.

I allowed my imagination to place me in the role of a soldier. In that space, I experienced a gamut of emotions; the joy of military camaraderie, laughter in the mess hall, fear beyond imagining on the front lines, courage to push through the fear, anger, loss, regret, and relief. I felt a crunch in my heart and tears come to my eyes. My body then shook with sobs of grief.

Memorial day brings up many emotions for me. I feel a sense of loss not only for those who have fought and died, but also loss for the innocence of the young men and women who travel to foreign lands to see forms of violence which will change them forever.

My heart hurts to think of the hurt we humans have inflicted upon each other, and misunderstandings so great the only way we have found to address them, up to now, is through fighting.

On memorial day, I am reminded of the agony a family must bear when given the news of a fallen loved one, and the pain carried in the hearts of soldiers who come home and must process their experience. I know one vet from the Korean war who still wakes in the middle of the night, shaking, from a war memory.

On Memorial Day I remember to be grateful for those who have gone before me, in sincerity, with the intention of protecting and building this beautiful place we call home. My feelings of gratitude to go beyond politics or my own feelings of war. I am truly grateful for those who serve and have served their home.

I recently heard a story of a mother answering her child’s question, “Mommy, what is war?” The mother answered, “Honey, war is something we used to do a long time ago, but we don’t do it anymore.” This is my hope and prayer for our future. I pray that someday, on Memorial Day, we continue to remember and honor those who fought in wars, and also remember war itself as a thing of the past. Will you join me in this vision for the future of our children?

In the meantime, I offer deep gratitude for to our Veterans. I hope this day brings you exactly what you need for restoration and inner peace. I wish you joy and laughter celebrating the freedoms we have so often taken for granted. Many Blessings to You.


P.S. This morning, at 7:47, our vote count in the Oprah Winfrey Network campaign was at 108,296! We are still on page 2 in the “Total Votes” category, and have climbed to pager 1 in the “Total Views” section. This is GREAT news!!! THANK YOU for making it happen.

My friend, Beth has set a goal for the group to reach 150,000 votes by the end of the day. Wow! Do you think we can to it? I DO, because you’ve shown me that YOU can do anything you decide to do, and that WE make an awesome team! YOU are a dream come true.

Daily & Often through July 3rd.
Thank You!!


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