No More Near Life Experiences

This weekend afforded much opportunity to think about life and death, and what might lie in the great beyond. Having participated in a memorial service for a beautiful woman who impacted her community in a positive and loving way reminded me of the preciousness in every single moment we have here on Earth. I was deeply moved, and reminded of those loved ones I have not seen in a long time. I wondered if my love for them really transcended the borders of space and time.  I felt the presence of my own grandmother as I watched Dorothy’s children and grandchildren share memories of the remarkable woman they knew as their mother and grandmother.

I have heard people speak about near death experiences for as long as I can remember. And I have even experienced myself, what it might be like to die, if only in a dream.

Today my focus is not on near death experiences, but rather on near life experiences. How often do we say “no” to an opportunity to expand the boundaries of who we have been, to become a broader version of ourselves? When we do, we shatter old paradigms of self-doubt and limitation, and awaken to a fuller expression of Life. We say goodbye to “Near Life Experiences.”

Grace is the gift of gently holding ourselves in the process of our own self discovery and growth. Grace is the gift that allows us to compassionately see the foolishness of our youth, all while holding ourselves with the same care a mother extends to her children.

At the end of our lives, may our loved ones say that we have tasted the sweetest bits of life, as well as the most sour. That we savored each taste and texture to its fullest.

Today, I invite you to affirm with me, “No more near life experiences for me! I have been changed beyond turning back, and Life is Good.”

There is no way to un-know that which we have been given the grace to now. There is no way to un-see truths that have been revealed to us by Grace. There is no way to fall fully back to sleep once awakened to the brilliance which dwells within our core.

I used to think that there were certain days more holy than others, as they were recognized in church. But now I see that every day is a holy day. Every day is an opportunity to commune with the Divine Spirit that propels all of life forward.

What is calling us from the deepest parts of our being? Are we saying yes? Are we allowing the expression of Life which is calling us to be in full self-expression? I invite you to affirm with me, “Yes.”

I once wrote a song for Nelson Mandela titled, “For Nelson”. There is a line, “A Life half lived is such a crime so fly, the limit is the sky.” In other words, we do not have time for Near Life Experiences in the brief time alloted to us on earth.  We are here to live fully, now, no longer waiting for the “right time” to step into our greatness. Our time to live as our Divine birthright of greatness is right now.

Here’s to life at full Life!  Enjoy your day of Greatness!



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