What does it take to manifest a dream?

This question has sparked a billion dollar industry with seminars, books, audio CDs, and DVDs, all teaching one basic lesson; how to make your dreams come true.

When you boil it all down to the basic core of wisdom, the common thread seems to be that one must first BELIEVE that his or her vision is so completely realized that it simply is a matter of fact of creation, even before one has seen the physical results of the eventual outcome of the dream.  Some call this the Divine Spark of Creation

Some teachers talk about creating a “feeling space” of what you would feel like after having already achieved your goal, or seen your vision realized.  I have found this to be absolutely essential as part of my own creation process.

It is also taught that on a scientific level, everything is, in fact, composed of energy. This concept goes beyond theology. It is simply a matter of scientific demonstration through research.  It has also been discovered that thoughts direct energy. Wow! This is not new or original information, but it never ceases to excite me! Cultivating use of this knowledge, is an incredibly powerful force to have in one’s toolbox for life.

I am conducting a personal experiment, which you can be a part of, to help me illustrate this point.

I have entered a contest for the Oprah Winfrey Network to host my own television talk show. In the beginning, this was simply an IDEA, “Maybe I should enter this contest like my friend Donna suggested.”

And then it became a VISION, “Wow, I can really see myself hosting a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. It feels like what I was born to do. I have spent my life preparing for this.”

Then the FEELINGS came, “This is what it feels like to prepare for my day at work for the OWN Network.”  As I wash dishes, “I am excited about my guest today, and have done the research.  I feel prepared. Today will be a good show.”  Even as I hit a snag in the day, “Oh well, life has bumps and bruises, even when you have your own nationally syndicated talk show.”  All of this thinking and feeling helps to prepare the mind to move the vision beyond the realm of fantasy into the category of “just part of my daily life.”

Before I knew what was happening, my vision for making a positive difference in the world, using the vehicle of my talk show on the OWN network had taken hold of my consciousness and grown into a life of its own, propelling me forward into action. I suddenly found that I had a massive amounts of grounded energy to funnel into action to see the vision realized. Instead of carrying the vision, the vision is now carrying me.  This is a point of Grace from the Creative Source of all that is made manifest.

I believe energy ripples outward like a wave in a pond, created by a single stone cast in the water. I have tossed my vision into the water, and now share it with you.  If you choose, you become the ripple, simply by following the links on this page and clicking the “Vote” button. How amazing is that?! To live in an time when the manifesting of a dream can happen so rapidly through the information age and social networking.

So what does it take to manifest a dream?

I think it takes purposeful thinking, vision, energy, and opportunity meeting preparation. It also takes community. None of us can arrive at our destination alone. We are all held up by the giants who came before us, and those who hold us as we walk through life.

Photo by Heather Blackbird at ticketturtle.com

This morning, I am going into the silence, to vision and know the highest good for everyone who reads these words. I see the seeds of your dreams being fertilized with the waters of purpose intention today. I am sitting in the feeling place of celebrating for you as you dance in joy living the life you once only dreamt of living.

I’m celebrating for myself as well, as I water the seed of my own intentions, with purposeful action, using the tools at my disposal.

Call to action; You can vote every day between now and July 3rd  in my grassroots campaign, by clicking the link HERE or at the top of the welcome page here at www.LifeWithLeela.com, and I hope you do. =)

Thank you for being the ripple for my dream as I gently hold yours in consciousness.




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