There’s No Place Like Home

Wisdom says, “The only thing that stands between our wanting, and our having, is our being.”

It can be easy to slip into the role of perpetual seeker. There is a lot of companionship at this level of development, and it can be challenging to move beyond it to embody the state of consciousness that would more than likely change our lives beyond what would feel comfortable to the mindset of the perpetual seeker.  “What happens to “the seeker” when it finds that for which it has been looking?

Have you ever asked, “How would I feel if I had already stepped in to the power of my creation? How does my way of being resonate in my body now that I have already allowed my vision of life to become manifest? Where did the longing in my soul go when I realized I had transcended that part of myself? What is the dominant feeling I experience now that I have moved beyond the consciousness that initially set me on my journey? What is the new state of being which calls me further still?”

Speaking only from first-hand experience with what seems to work for me, the shift from wanting to being is only a breath away.  One way to make the transition is to sit still and quietly until the chatter of the mind subsides long enough to suspend any disbelief that we are any place other than having already become that which our soul knows we came here to be.  The imagination is a powerful tool in the practice of becoming.  From that place of quiet imagining, we have the ability to experience, right now, the Peace of complete self-realization.

A key to at last realizing what we have been affirming is not only to say the words, but also to actually shift our vibrational field to that of being transported, in consciousness, to the Now of self-realization.  In Star Wars, Yoda says, “There is no try, only do.”  I would add, “Beyond the do is the be.”  It is the “being” that leads to the “doing.”  But how do we “BE” that which is beyond our past experience?  By calling on our imaginations and creating “mental equivalents” for the state we desire to create.

I am not referring to merely shifting our thinking into a space of having already received, but also shifting our mind/body vibration into a place of peace and relaxation that comes after a race is already won. This is a space even beyond gratitude.  It is the space of simply acknowledging what has already come to pass, without judgment.  It is a subtle, but very powerful shift.

Think to a time in your life when you finally accomplished something for which you had worked very hard. It may have been something as simple as learning to tie your shoes as a child. How was the accomplishment different than you thought it would be? Were you at all let down by the lack of a ticker tape parade celebrating your achievement? Were you relieved to have finally crossed the finish line? Were you at all saddened to realize the race was over? Was it an anti-climactic end to what had seemed an epic journey? Was there fear of ‘what’s next?’

We can verbally affirm visualize and be grateful for that which we are affirming into our lives, but until we actually embody the vibration of it being so, if only for the flash of a second, we are continuing to affirm the lack of its existence in our experience. I have come to believe that this razor thin line between realities is the key to actual transformation vs. the perpetual seeking of transformation.

Once we have discovered, and have learned to use this crucial element in the building of our life, our boundaries actually expand beyond what we might have thought possible before reaching this place of understanding.

But how do we embody a vibration that is foreign to our current level of consciousness? Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”  Would this concept not mean that we would be doomed to continue repeating the same consciousness over and over again which led us to the path of seeking in the first place?  Not necessarily.  Studies have shown that regularly practicing meditation, and cultivating awareness, can actually expand one’s consciousness.

We can begin by embracing exactly where we are, even the state of not quite knowing how to be in our newfound state of consciousness. We witness the discomfort until we become comfortable with the idea of easily allowing the new state to settle into a new dominant stage of being.

A subtle vibrational shift leads to the unsubtle changes in our experience. There is something miraculous about the move from seeking to having found, that only becomes apparent in the moment we realize that what we were looking for was within us all along, like the moment Dorothy clicked her heels to realize that home was only a perspective shift away from “the merry old land of Oz.”

Spirit has a way of calling us forward when the time is right. Our only job is to get out of the way and surrender to what is trying to show up as our Life.  AND… to hold ourselves gently in the moments when we feel we have come up short of our best.  This is Grace, and it just may be the best gift we can give ourselves, and others.

All the best as you embrace this day.  Thank you for showing up as part of my dream.




4 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Christine Ruddy

    How profound that I have found myself a bit fragmented this week by trying to chase an idea of what will be that my human mind is unable to create on its own. Staying “stuck” in the seeking has left me very tired. I know what I know about what I am to do and who I am to be, yet, I find myself trying to create something else. Something more practical and logical to my human mind. So I say thank you for the enlightened permission to step firmly into the being honestly and powerfully true to who and what I am. I recognize the need to rest in and claim the life that is mine. You are a beautiful expression of the one and a teacher to me.

    Your friend,

    1. Hi Christine,
      Bless your heart for being true to your authentic path! I know it is tempting to pursue the sirens call of the more “practical” path in Life.
      I’m learning that what is most “practical” for me, might be considered impractical for others. I’ve always been that way. Like when I moved to New York City with $400.00 to my name, a sleeping bag, two suitcases, and a place to stay for a couple of weeks. It was NOT practical, according to all of the “reasonable adults” in my world, but it was exactly what I was being led to do, and I was cradled by Divine Grace my entire time in NYC (all together about 6 years).
      You wrote of me, “You are a beautiful expression of the one and a teacher to me.” I couldn’t find truer words to describe you.
      Keep going, sister! You are making an even bigger difference than you know!

  2. Leela, my dearest, you speak so beautifully from your heart, which translates as the heart of the world. You are truly connected to the Divine Cosmos and are an exquisite and brilliant and radiant channel for its wisdom. Thank you for both these past posts. Your courage and kindness and loving vision are inspiring and are moving the energy of the Universe even as we speak. As Christine says, you are a great teacher, and I am proud to be walking even a small part of your path with you.
    Love and beauty, sweet one.
    BE LOVE (You SOO already are!)

    1. WOW, Alison. You are such a champion, and I’m grateful for your presence in my Life both online and in person. I must echo your comment back to you, as I see the wisdom you carry, and so willingly share with any who seek it out. As you know, we are all in this together; all teachers for one another, and all students as well. You teach me much about how to show up as a loving source of support and encouragement for others. THANK YOU!
      Shine ON!

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