Loving What Is Experiment Results

You might recall that I began an experiment in recent months with The Work of Byron Katie, “Loving What Is.” There have been some who asked, “So, how is it going with that?”

What I realized along the way is that, as much as I’d Love to be able to say, “Wow! I’ve totally transcended any resistance, and now I simply Love all that is,” I must, in truth, confess that I’m still working on it, and some days, not working on it all.  I’ve surrendered into simply living these days.

I think Byron Katie is an extraordinary individual who has some wonderful techniques to share, which are very helpful in shifting an experience from painful to peaceful, and I’ve seen them work in my own life WHEN I remember to use them, and IF I choose to use them even when I do remember.

What I have come to realize, especially in recent days, is that my own personal focus really must be about forgiveness and letting go of the need to judge and control.  I see the complexities that make up the fabric of my being, and sit amazed beyond words at the wonder of it all.

I’ve come a LONG way when it comes to these things, but the further along we travel, the more clearly we see that the path of self-realization is never finished, and just when we think we’ve gotten somewhere… BAM!… Life gives us another lesson to be transcend.

So, the “Loving What Is” experiment results?  I AM THAT I AM.  That’s it.

There are moments of utter bliss and connection to the Divinity that moves through my being and that of all of mankind, and there are moments when I feel a silent scream around someone who has triggered a hot button for me.

It’s a dance of consciousness, moving through all the colors of The Spiral of Life, and learning to be at peace with the process.

So we continue to put one foot in front of the other, finding our way, and forgiving ourselves when we stumble, and the beat goes on.  La Di Dadi Di, La Di Dadi Da.


2 thoughts on “Loving What Is Experiment Results

  1. How wonderfully eloquent of you. I, too, find challenges in just loving what is when what is doesn’t show up the way I wanted it to, but usually turns out to be for my better.

    Trust is the thing, I think it’s more loving what is and trusting The Source from whence it comes.

    I just found your blog and will continue to follow it.

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