The Wise Ones

How do we stop history from repeating itself when wise words fall on deaf ears?

How can a vision break through to eyes, which refuse to see?

If each thought is a prayer, and if consciousness is stronger wherever 2 or more are gathered, then what are we visioning and praying for when we create films of death and destruction, songs of victimhood, and stories of self-loathing and defeat?

Photo by Mark Bennington

My heart is heavy with sadness when I think of the atrocities we have inflicted on one another.  The atrocities we continue to inflict on one another, first in thought, then in deed.

It has been written, “our thoughts lead to physical manifestation in the 3 dimensional world.”  If this is true, then we have already begun down a slippery slope toward our own demise.

We have spent countless dollars on death and destruction, not only on warfare, but also on films about murder, deceit, and betrayal, the very darkest parts of humanity’s shadow.

How many children might have been fed by not only the production cost, but also the individual tickets sold to a blood thirsty level of consciousness which pays to see, experience, dare I say even PRAY for the creation of such experiences?

We cannot expect to continue as a human race if we continue to place so much energy on our own destruction.  That which we think about, we create. A sobering thought when we consider the thought and energy, which goes into pandering to terror-thirst on the big screen.

There are useful films, which aid us in seeing ourselves in the shadow, with some sort of lesson to be learned, but movies, which focus on violence for the sake of shock, homicidal obsessions, and the destruction of our planet, are no longer serving us.  From 1 Corinthians 13:11, NIV Bible, “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.” It is time to put away these consciously underdeveloped, resource consuming, time wasting instruments of destruction.

The time has come for a collective awakening to our Divine Connection with Spirit, and one another, and to choose to live in the vision of our lives, as the vision of our lives, for the vision of our collective existence?

It is time to put away the nightmarish fairy tale we have been writing about humanity and begin to live in the dream of positive creation, love, and mutual respect as our reality.

Until now, we have known of a relatively few number of people who could stay awake from the chronic, human condition of Spiritual Narcolepsy.  We labeled them as “The Wise Ones,” and ourselves as, “not the wise ones.”  This seemed easier than accepting the charge we have been given to expand in Love and Consciousness, but we have seen the result in a painful out picturing of what it looks like when we ignore our Divine Call in the world.

We placed “The Wise Ones” on pedestals as separate from us in order to let ourselves off the hook of our own Divine Purpose to, as Jesus commanded, “die unto ourselves” to live more fully, and do even greater things than he had done.

It is not easy to be less than we are called to be.  It leaves us with a sense of longing, a hunger that can only be satisfied by saying yes to our life’s authentic purpose.  Many die with this longing in their hearts.  Many have been afraid to follow Spirit, for fear of the social repercussions of their time, but those who see, and choose the path of Love are growing in numbers by the moment, and the old ways are dying and falling away.

It is written, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”  We are the ones to heal the planet. And to do this we must forgive, as Jesus said, “70×7” if that is what it takes for the heart to finally forgive a perceived transgression; for the illusion of separateness to melt into the unrelenting call of the Divine, then that is what we must do.  Forgiveness equals freedom.

There is a war being played out among us.  But it is a mere projection of the inner wars we have been ignoring within ourselves.

In the film Avatar, Jake Sully says of the Na’vi, the indigenous beings of the moon called Pandora, “They want nothing of what we have.  They will never leave their home.”

In other words, they, these spiritually awakened ones will not be seduced by the illusion of mis-perceived wealth.  They choose, instead, to stay awake and stand for the generations to come.

I have seen a version of the future, which left me weeping with a heavy heart.  I have heard my ancient brothers and sisters’ cries of grief for loved ones slain in the name of progress.  I have been burned up to rise again from the ashes of self-imprisonment, and I have seen a glimmer of light shining from a new level of humanity’s awakening.

The countdown is, however, already in motion, and time is of the essence.  There is no room for hesitation or delay in reversing the destruction, which has already been set in motion by the collective dark thinking of our people.  The “movie” of “the story of humanity,” is at a pivotal point in history.  Our thinking and behaviors today are the future we are creating.

Now, we have the awareness to either choose to continue to see the great masters as wiser, greater, and more powerful than ourselves, or we can step into our Divine Greatness, and take a stand for consciousness, as we choose to live fiercely authentic lives, keeping our egos in check, giving Spirit the room it needs to work real miracles through us.

It is written, “God can only do for us what God can to through us.”  But it takes a certain kind of courage to stand, and fall on the sword of self-discovery.  It takes courage to die an egoic death, but it is glorious to surrender, and rise, newly born into the incarnation of our new awakening.

We transcend to our higher levels of being, while embracing the totality of the collective sum of the parts of human history, embracing even the shadow sides of our being.

If we allow it to be, the shadow is one of our greatest teachers.  But we must be willing to look, if we are to learn.

Jesus said to, “Pray without ceasing.”  I would add to his words of wisdom that we are to consciously pray without ceasing, since all thought, conscious or otherwise, carries a vibrational frequency received by the Law of Creation to manifest in the Universe.

How will we change history when words of wisdom fall of deaf ears?

The time for waiting is over.  Now is all we have.


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