Happy New Year, Month, Day, Hour, Moment

I have learned to stop making grandiose New Year’s Resolutions.  I used to do it each year, with complete sincerity, only to find myself in a state of self-judgment and defeat by the end of January of the New Year.

I do now, however, have an ongoing resolution that I revisit daily.

It is to simply do my best at “Staying in the Grace,” as my friend Rev. Noel McInnis calls it.

For I know it it Grace which allows moments awareness of the Divine Presence which is always with us.  It is Grace with brings us joy, forgiveness, laughter, healing, humility, empathy, and even grief and sorrow, because Grace holds us, even in our darkest hours.  This, I find to be of tremendous comfort.

My husband, Rev. David Alexander, has been through quite a journey of his own these past few months, having recently merged with another Spiritual Community, preparing for a new phase in a new location, to allow, “Divine Order emerging as one inclusive church.”  He is chronicling the experience, but for now, you can learn more by simply visiting the church website.

This evening, David shared a blog written by one of his admired  colleagues and friend, Dr. David Ault, which so beautifully expresses the depths of my own heart (for there truly is only One Universal Heart) and wish for bringing in our New Year, 2010, I’m sharing it with you.

I trust that you will be, as I have been, enriched by reading it.

All the best to you in Life in 2010! Let’s make it a great year.

In Love,



5 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Month, Day, Hour, Moment

  1. My dearest Leela, I love that idea of “staying in the grace.” I have a grandiose resolution: Be love. It occurs to me that much like grace, love is a path to all things glorious and holy. Like you.
    I love you,
    alison xo

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