A Choice to Voice

Life With Leela – Radio Demo

Although I was a gregarious, outspoken, popular girl in East Texas, I often felt, as a youth, that I had no real voice.

I could entertain a crowd by singing and joking them into stitches at will, but speaking of the most important issues of my heart eluded me for fear of judgement.

There was so much I wanted to say about life, equal rights, civil liberties, child abuse, family issues, sexuality, religious divisions, and the list went on and on.

But southern belles are taught to smile pretty, and keep conversation to a pleasant, uncontroversial lull, and so I did… for the most part.

I do not share the following information for shock value, or to somehow try to heal a wounded past.  I share because my life has taught me so much about healing and forgiveness, and the freedom that comes along the process, even though, at times, memories return and I find myself re-working the process.

Having been sexually violated at a young age, I fell silent with shame.  I had also seen how wild women with a sense of rebellion were gossiped about and shunned to a degree, so I smiled, used lots of hair spray, and make-up, and tried to blend in where it was safe within the southern status quo.

There was no “sassing” allowed.  I learned that lesson early when my father flew into a violent rage inflicted on my brother and I for “sassing our mamma.”  It was over something silly, and we were just being kids, but it scared me so badly that I blocked the violent memory for years…. and I stopped sassing, and became the most polite, well-behaved young lady you’d ever want to meet.

My parents were proud, though I was living in fear.  I have since forgiven it all, and can love fully.

But times have changed, and there is much to sass about today.

We have created a world in need of our help for healing and if we don’t stand up and use our voices for positive change, it will one day be too late.

Silence is golden, tis true.  Until that silence enables abuse of our fellow humans and our land. So use the silence wisely, to contemplate what is being asked of us to do, and then let us spring into action to help make the world a better place.

So I say, sass away, with love of course, when action is called for for the betterment of our world.

I LOVE working in radio because it seems to help make up for all that time when I felt I had no voice.  I’ve been working in country for some time, and have loved it very much.

With the changing economy and radio landscape, I’m venturing into new waters to find the authentic voice I was given by my maker.

I share this demo with you for both feedback, and support in holding the prayer and vision I now have for my life.

In Love and Gratitude for who you are and all you do,


Life With Leela – Radio Demo


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