R.I.P. Dear Friend

I took the news like a punch in the gut  this morning when I realized by dear friend, iPhone #2, could not be resuscitated  after having fallen into the wet grass on a misty Portland eve last night.

RIP dear friend

Videos, photos, and notes of perceived artistic brilliance, lost… forever.  Who knows, my poem about “the truth that connects us all,” which was saved in my “notes” app, just might have been the key to unlocking the door to world peace.  Now we’ll never know.

Dr. McDreamy… aka Devlin… at the Mac store did his best to save my friend, but the best we could hope for was a replacement phone, which dipped significantly into my holiday shopping fund.  I guess it would have been more philanthropic to sacrifice my phone and buy more presents for friends and family, but then we couldn’t keep touch, and isn’t that really the best gift of all?

So on this day I say to my dear iPhone #2, “You were a good and loyal companion, who will be missed…. at least until I can re-sync my contacts and apps.  Rest well in the electronic ethers and know that you were loved.”

Today’s lesson; letting go of the old and embracing the new.

Happy Holidays and much Love,



3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Dear Friend

  1. I loved your piece on the demise of the cell phone. It is such a good reminder of how fleeting life is. I also appreciated the graphic and the humor. If I don’t laugh, I will cry!

    Blessings to you,


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