“If Loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

In a recent conversation about philosophy and theology, a colleague asked me, “Leela, if you embrace all of the world’s wisdom traditions, such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, etc.,  how do you know when to reference what texts? And how do you know you are doing the ‘right’ thing?”

I remembered the judgmental teachings of my youth which condemned, shamed, blamed, and threatened in the name of God.

I remembered near violent arguments between adults, about whose beliefs were “right” and whose were “wrong” and how I just wanted everyone to Love each other, and let go of needing to be “right.”

Their unyielding need to be “right” made everything feel wrong as I witnessed, through young eyes, what fear in motion looks like.

My reply to the colleague; “I am not an expert in theology, and I do not fully understand all of these traditions, but I can not hold the arrogant thought that one way is the only way, or the right way.

That kind of thinking has led us to war, bloodshed, and division of humanity.  In terms of doing the “right” thing, what comes to mind is this.  If I practice the rest of my to life to love, simply Love… which could take the rest of my days to master, it makes sense to me… that that will take care of the rest.”

He smiled, and I felt as if we had connected on a level deeper than either of our theological perspectives.




One thought on ““If Loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

  1. Simply wonderful. Love has been the major theme of my recent “breaking open” and you are so right…if we just focus on that one overriding, all-there-is thought, fear will dissolve, and unity will emerge as the all-encompassing paradigm. In other words, love is a decision…let’s all make it!
    ILU Leela Kay
    alison xo

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