Day 17 – Strawberries & Tears

It’s day 17 in my “Loving What Is” experiment, through The Work of Byron Katie.

I’ve fallen in love with Green Smoothies first thing in the morning. I made a Strawberry, Vanilla, Green, Soy-milk shake yesterday for breakfast. Yummy! Enjoy the recipe through the funky video qulality.

Earlier this morning, I found myself moved to tears over the tragedy at Fort Hood this week. I’m searching for words to describe the depth of sorrow I have felt at times, about how unkind and destructive human beings have been toward one another.

My thoughts first went to the families and friends of those killed, and all who have felt the impact of this seemingly senseless event.

Then my thoughts went to the man who opened fire.  What kind of hell must he have been living in to make such a decision?  WHY did he do it? HOW could he have done it?  I cried for him too; for the tragedy of his legacy.

Then I realized my tears were really about all of humanity, and it became overwhelming to consider how many people in this moment are experiencing suffering, and separation from their highest good.

I thought of my 6-billion member, human family, knowing that somewhere, right now, there is a child who needs saving, a woman being beaten, a family being robbed,  a desperate person thinking of “ending it all.”

I took a breath and remembered Dr. Ernest Holmes, “There is One Life. That Life is God’s Life. That Life is Perfect. That Life is my Life Now.”

I re-watched part 3 of Oprah’s interview with Byron Katie about Loving What Is, and by the end of the segment, remembered that my real work in the world is to “Be the Change I wish to see in the world.” If I want to live in a world of true peace, it must begin in my own consciousness.

And so, to find peace in the midst of so much global suffering, As Katie says, “There is my business, there is your business, and there is God’s business.”

My business today, and the only thing over which I really have any control,  is to practice being peace, one breath at a time, show up and be useful where I am needed, and open my heart to Love.

Christ asked us to “Love one another as I Love you.”  The Love of the Christ consciousness is unconditional, extending to everyone and everything, regardless of their actions.  This is the work for today.

Blessings to all trying to make sense of tragedy today. You are in my heart.




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