Loving What Is… Loving This Soup!!!

I had a lot of fun in the kitchen today with my friend Ali. We made fresh, veggie soup in the Vita-Mix blender. It’s the bomb-diggity of blenders!! I never knew I could fall in love with a kitchen appliance, but this one has won my affection. It is a thing of beauty… like the first fire-engine red, Mustang convertible I saw back in high school.  No kidding. It’s that sweet!

Find the soup ingredients on my Living Well Page.

It’s been 8 full days since embarking on the personal experiment of “Loving What Is;” The Work of Byron Katie. I’m seeing that I could spend the rest of my life just practicing the 4 questions and the turn around, and that would be enough to dramatically improve the quality of my life.

My friend, Christine, was right (at least from my experience); The Work seems to be more effective when I write down the process instead of simply doing it in my head.  AND, I’ve also found it to be more useful doing it my head, than not doing it at all. Click here for the free, online worksheet offered by Byron Katie. It’s gold.

Just the very act of stopping to question the truth of a stressful thought is often enough to alleviate the initial impulse of stress. For example. I’ve often had the thought this week, being out to heal from the concussion I experienced Saturday night, “I should not be missing work this week.”

Now let’s put it through “The Work.”

“I should not be missing work this week.”


1) Is is true? Yes.

2) Can you be absolutely sure it’s true? Well, no. The team is likely thriving without me (they have for some time before I joined them). And my being out provides an opportunity for someone else to work who has been wanting an opportunity for an afternoon radio shift.

3) How does the thought, “I should not be missing work this week.” make me feel? Well, stressed and guilty about the fact that I’m out. Worried my boss will think I’m a slacker. Irritated that I had the accident in the first place. Like a wuss, for not being able to just buck it up and work through the imbalance and discomfort.

4) Who would I be without the stressful thought? I’d be relaxed in my healing process. Accepting of my current level of physical endurance. Grateful for the time to heal. Trusting and relieved that my life is unfolding just as it should, and Loving the process of the Divine Order of my experiences. Free from worry about the situation.


” I should not be at work this week, I should be exactly where I am, resting at home this week. How wonderful that I work with a team that can cover the bases when I’m out. How wonderful that I am feeling better by the hour in the comfort of my own home as opposed to trying to barrel through and do a good job when I’ve been feeling weak. I’m so thankful that I’ve been given the opportunity to take care of myself in an authentic way.”

And that is just one example of working with a stressful thought through the process known as “The Work.”


I’m feeling better today than I have since the accident. Thank you for the care and support! Muah!!xo I expect to be in tip top shape any day now.


7 thoughts on “Loving What Is… Loving This Soup!!!

    1. Thanks Roselynn,
      I’m using the camera from my iPhone. Pretty amazing huh? The only downsides I’ve seen so far are 1)It doesn’t do so well in dimly lit areas, and 2)I’d like a tri-pod feature, but yes, I LOVE it. It’s convenient to have in the phone, since I usually have it with me. It has my endorsement.

    1. Thank you. It’s good to be feeling better. My body tells me when it’s time to slow down, and after years of ignoring it and “pushing through,” I’ve learned to listen.

      I’ll post another Vita-Mix recipe soon. :->

  1. Paula

    Hey Leela — as I told you today, your bringing Byron Katie to my attention has rocked my world, tipped the apple cart…I still have to work through this, but as I said, when the student is ready the lesson begins. While I know I need to go through the same steps as you illustrated with your “I should not be missing work,” (thanks for being the model) just the awareness is already making a difference. “The first time, I have been hit, and it’s over. The second time, I hit myself.” Still in awe over this. This is what will bring clarity to that one area in my life that seems so utterly confusing.

    Thank you.

  2. It was my honor to keep your seat warm and the mic hot for you on Saturday. I’m SOOO sorry you fell and hit your head! I hope you remember me. (Its a joke honey.)

    I love reading your blog, Leela, you inspire me daily.

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