Day 2 – The Floodgates

It’s Day 2 of my 30 day experiment with The Work of Byron Katie, “Loving What Is.”  Wow!  This work is mind blowing… literally.

It helps to blow away years of dusty buildup of unhelpful thinking,  to make way for the Truth of who we really are, to be revealed.  We see when we are ready to see, and not a moment before.

I’ve been a student of Life and Spirituality for much of my existence, beginning in my very early years, going to church with my loving mother.  Since that time, I have had a desire to really know God and live in “the peace that passes all understanding.”

This work has opened the floodgates of my own understanding, to see that I can experience the peace ANY time I choose by simply questioning the thought that would have me believe otherwise.

I’ve had peak experiences of Perfect Peace, even some I could sustain for a while. But then, my thoughts would eventually come in and remind me of things to worry about, or feel sad about, or stressed about, or seperated from my Highest Good about, and the flicker of Divne Love would become just a concept again, instead of a way of sustainable being.

I watched Part One of Oprah’s interview with Byron Katie again last night, just before sleep. Man is it powerful! My intention is to watch at least a portion of this life changing interview daily for 30 days in a row, as a personal experiment in transformation.

As a broadcaster I’ve been asking, “Can I help change the world using the skill set I have acquired, and the talents I have been given?”

I now know the answer is YES, and I am profoundly grateful to my soul sister, Oprah Winfrey for paving the way for others like me who are drawn to this kind of work.

There are some moving examples of The Work out there, and this one is one of my favorites because it is lighthearted and hit home for me. How many times have I thought I knew what was best for my mother? “If she would just listen and follow my advise, her life would be so much better!”

Ha Ha. The joke is on me! The turnaround is, “If I would just listen and follow my own advise, my life would be SO MUCH BETTER.” The following video had me laughing at myself for being in my mom’s business, instead of really minding my own.

There are many videos of The Work out there, and some controversy to her unorthodox way of thinking, but that is to be expected.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To be great is to be misunderstood,” and I have come to see that is true. I used to fear being misunderstood, but now I see that the only person who really needs to understand me… is me, and that… is FREEDOM.

HAVE A GREAT DAY… if you want to.


6 thoughts on “Day 2 – The Floodgates

  1. Frank

    Yes. I love that you are featuring this work, Leela!

    You are so right. Keep it coming. I am interested to see

    where the 30 days leads.

  2. Christine Ruddy

    Hey Leela,

    Well, you have been inspired and so inspired me! I watched all three parts of the interview yesterday and bought Byron Katie’s book “Loving What Is” today!

    Thank you and I ordered “A Love Centered Life” for YOU today!

    Blessings to your light,

    1. I’m honored to be part of this amazing Human Potential Movement. Thank you for letting me know what’s going on with you.

      I can’t wait to read your book, “A Love Centered Life.” You’ve inspired me too, to continue on my writing path. Thank you for being the Light you are!

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