If this were my last day…

This morning, I ask in earnest, “If this were my last day, what would God have flow through me?”

I breathe, sit still, and wait.


Experience compassion for the child like ways of frightened adults clinging to the old, dysfunctional ways of yesterday. See what lies beneath the business suits, nice cars, and established careers. See the inner 6-year-old who just wants things to stay the same. so they will feel safe in their view of the world.

See the selfish acts of “mine, MINE, more MORE… for ME,” for what they are. Not as the insidious evil some would label them, but as an underdeveloped self…. Rather a still developing self who has become developmentally arrested where they feel comfortable.

If a man or woman has profited at the expense of others, and feels comfortable in a life of financial security and social prestige, why would he/she want things to change? They wouldn’t.

What would be positive change for one, say to have a healthcare system that works for all, would be a perceived, personal-security threat to those who have become comfortable in a lifestyle, supported by a system that has, until yesterday, only supported those who could be a profit to the CEOs, executives, and special-interest-supported members of government, feeding from the fatted calf of over inflated premiums, deductibles, and unpaid claims of hard working citizens.

If you saw a board room or congress full of children dressed in grown up suits and dresses, wearing shoes too big, sleeves hanging past their little arms, pretending to be in charge and “know what’s best” for the people they govern, you’d smile at their childhood game, and maybe even laugh at the cuteness and absurdity of it.

You would not hate them for being children; you would Love them. But you would not allow them to rule the day. You would see them for where they are in their personal place of development, honor that place, and then move along to make your own decisions. There is a reason we do not have 6 year olds run companies, and there is also a reason we can no longer allow underdeveloped* “children” to run our world.

It is with sincerity and respect that I invite you to see this as it is playing out in our boardrooms and congress today. There are many people, wearing the costume of “adulthood,” whom have yet to cross the threshold into true adulthood.

True adulthood is not measured by the number of years a body spends on earth. Our bodies begin to show signs of age as we move through life, and though age can bring sage-like wisdom worthy to be honored; it can also bring stiffness and rigidity of thinking, which hinders progress.  Do not be fooled by the costume that white hair, wrinkles, and success can provide. See beneath the outer layer, into the personalities at play.

Compassion says, “We are here to take care of one another, not profit from another’s misfortune. If someone is sick, they need care, even if they have been laid off from work and are without insurance, or are so sick they have capped our their policy.” Compassion says, “a life is not valued by financial wealth, but by the very fact that it is a life.”

Childishness says, “NO! There is not enough wealth to go around, and I want MINE! If we help to those people, it will threaten MY way of life, and I don’t want THAT!”  Just as Marie Antoinette said of the starving in her kingdom, “let them eat cake,” we have lawmakers saying of the suffering and uninsured, “let them make due.” Which in many cases means, “let them suffer and die.”

When we see children unwilling to share their toys, we say with compassion, “you must share.” But then we become adults, and many of us somehow forget that we must share. The time to take care of one another is now. The old way of insurance companies profiting on the sweat and illness of trusting supporters who may or may not get the service they paid for in their policies is over.

President Obama represents the voice of reason. He is like a parent coming into a room, catching children in the act of self-centered greed, and saying with compassion. “I know you do not want to share, but you must. I know the way things have been have been working for you, but do you not see your playmate crying because they are being left out and hurt.? No more of this self-centered behavior. You must now, share.”

And so I ask, with sincerity and humility, “What, God, is the point of all of this?”

I breathe, sit still, and wait.


Remain open.  Keep your heart in a place of compassion and Love for all who have ever lived, all who now live, and all who will come to live, including yourself.

Wrap your heart around those acting out of fear, and offer Love, for it is not easy to let go of old secure ways for ways unknown, even when the unknown is for the greater good.

Stay Loving even towards those who provoke you. Allow yourself to feel your feelings, whatever they may be, but then honor The Way of The Christ, see into the hearts of all, and know Love for all. Honor The Way of The Buddha and know compassion for all. Honor The Way of The Tao, be still and know.

And so I do.

In my minds eye, I see a world where any unloving act is merely a memory of who we used to be… before we woke up.  In my heart I feel Gratitude for how far we’ve come, and a sense of letting go into the possibility of tomorrow.

Thank you, God.

http://www.spiraldynamics.org/Graves/colors.htm, http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3637777359401476371


One thought on “If this were my last day…

  1. Frank

    If there more people like you, we, as a world community would suddenly take a quantum leap forward.

    Here’s the paradox. The people who most need to read this and digest it, won’t. Is that a negative affirmation? Maybe.

    Is it also a truth? Yes.

    Let’s hope that whatever the health care answer is will be born from the current dialectic. And whether Obama gets credit or not, at least he is in the ring.

    Thanks for your clarity of voice.

    …and the beat goes on.

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