The Big Picture

With over 6 Billion Lives on the Planet, I am only one, but I believe my one voice represents an echo of many voices calling for personal and planetary development to initiate positive change for a better world.

I am grateful for Grace as we learn from our past and grow into tomorrow.

Thanks for showing UP!  I’m so grateful for who you are and how you have come to express in the world.

Thank God! It’s about time “we the people” chose “to form a more perfect Union.” And I’m not just talking about America. I’m talking about perfect Union with our families, neighbors, the World, and last, but certainly not least… actually, first… ourselves!  Can you feel it?  It is time.

I have come to think, through study and experience, that there is One Life unfolding, and that we are all part of it. That somehow, my insignificance is significant in the world.

That my actions, words, thoughts, and deeds have an impact on every single organism that lives, moves, and has it’s being, because I am One with That which is One with All. I am a cell within the human body, and my health effects the overall health of the collective body of humanity. I have an obligation to the collective to honor the body/mind I have been given to inhabit.

If you’ve been thinking that you don’t matter, think again. We are all in this together, and if one of us falls, we all stumble. If one of us advances, we all advance. So we are now charged with supporting one another in our personal advancements toward a building a better world for everyone.

Sometimes I find myself weeping at the thought of all of the suffering in the world; like my heart is breaking from the weight of all there is to do.  Then I simply remember to breathe and surrender to the moment.

Sometimes it takes a while, but when I do remember to breathe, healing begins with my own heart, which opens to expand and receive Love, and then continues as my own expansion ripples out, as do all of our individual choices, to touch the rest of the world.

The name Leela means, “Divine Play of the Universe, God at Play,” or “All of Life Unfolding.” I am Leela. You, too, are Leela. All of Life is Leela.  All of it; the Light, the shadow, feelings of separation, and the bliss of Unity.

The awareness of Leela, The One Life, opens the portals of my consciousness to reveal that most everything I had once believed to be rock-solid truth, was an illusion. It was both devastating, and liberating, and just the beginning of the journey.

Thank you for witnessing the journey I have been called to share with you, and for seeing my Light, even when I have not been able to find my own candle’s flicker.




One thought on “The Big Picture

  1. Hey Leela,

    I’m really enjoying your thoughts and blog! (Carol told me about it…) Dave & I have been studying the Law of Attraction for almost 2 years now and it has been a spiritual journey I cannot put into words. SO wonderful =) to finally have the keys to what is, to finally feel the Godforce in such a way that really hits home. There is so much here for us to be, to be truly inspired by, to appreciate, as well as to inspire and be appreciated. That freedom of knowing pure love and feeling so in the moment is so grand, for all we have is now. A true eye opening experience and breath of delightful air!

    May you be forever blessed and continue to share your love and personal brand of inspiration for all your days to come!

    Hugs to you!!! (And God bless Oprah Winfrey! She first told about The Secret on her show and that is also where I found out about the Ghana child rescue project and began to sponsor a rescued fishing slave child about 3 years ago. Oprah ROCKS!!!)

    ~Rockin’ Robin

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